A visit to a private apiary is included in the programmes of ecotourism.


If the visit takes place in spring we will see how the bee society is organized and how each team works in a specific field. We will see the queen bee, which is the leader, laying eggs from which comes the population that collects the honey in summer. We will also observe how they pick and store the pollen which is the food of young bees.

If the visit takes place in summer we will experience the collection, the process and storage of honey on the honeycombs.

Meli 1

We will later taste the fresh honey we will take from the beehive.

All this on one condition: we will be wearing the proper suit to avoid bee stings.

In case someone is allergic to bee stings or think he/she is, he/she is not allowed to take part in such a visit even if he/she is wearing the proper suit.



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