Karpathos Island,  especially in the North is an exciting place for birdwatchers. 
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Depending on the season and the weather you can normally see Bonelli eagles and long legged buzzards  soaring above the mountains and plateaus. Also larks, wheatears, swallows, ravens and varieties of swifts. 
We have kestrels,  peregrines and the occasional sparrow hawk. In the spring and autumn many eagles and harriers  pass through.  Also bee eaters.
In the spring we have hoopoes, herons,   orioles and cuckoos,  in the autumn kingfishers and wagtails.
At sea you will recognise  three varieties of gull,  including the rare Adouine,  shags and shearwaters.  
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For many birdwatchers the jewel in the crown is our very own Eleanora's falcon.  These come to us every year from Madagascer,  travelling up the African coast,  crossing over the mountains and following the river Nile.  Two days from the Egyption coasts  and they are on the cliffs of North Karpathos. 
Arriving some time in late April these birds lay eggs in August and raise their chicks in September.  Eleanora’s are best seen from small boats in the early evening as the haunting sound of their cries echoes from the majestic cliffs.
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We will be happy to take you to their hunting grounds!


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