Lovers of wild flora are offered the opportunity to photograph rare and endemic plant species of Karpathos.

Minas, with his twenty-year experience, will help us spot these plants, explain the way to recognize them and will analyze their properties.

Dianthusfruticosus sspcarpathius  Campanula pinatzii

Muscarimaritimum  Spiranthespiralis


While trekking you will come across some of the rarest plants on the planet, such as:

  • Paeonia clusii ssp. Clusii
  • Silene ammophila ssp. Carpathia
  • Dianthus fruticosus ssp. Carpathius
  • Carlina barnebiana
  • Arum creticum
  • Medicago heyniana
  • Anthemis scopulorum ssp. discoidea
  • Campanula carpathia
  • Campanula pinatzii
  • Ophrys aegaea ssp. Aegaea
  • Ophrys ariadne
  • Ophrys helios
  • Ophrys calypsus
  • Ophrys sitiaca
  • Ophrys israelitica
  • Centaurea raphanina ssp. raphanina
  • Teucrium monbretii
  • Muscari maritimum
  • Crataegus monogyna ssp. aegaeica
  • Allium brachyspathum
  • Allium tardans
  • Allium bourgeaui ssp. Bourgeaui
  • Tetragonolobus platylobus

In any case, we are not allowed to touch, cut or bother the plants.

We really believe that you will remember forever the moments you had observing the plants in these hikes.



  • Olympos Karpathou, Greece
  • +30 6949935881

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