Aromatic - Medicinal Plants

In our programmes there is provision for collecting aromatic and medicinal plants.

While trekking, we can observe and, after reaching an agreement with our guides, we can collect a small amount of such plants to use in cooking or in the first aid kit we keep at home.


Thus you will be pleased by observing the plants, getting informed about their use and feeling its beneficial qualities in your body.



Olive Picking - Olive oil

During the programmes taking place in fall, especially in November, we can watch and participate in the process of picking olives as well as in the production of olive oil.We will visit private olive groves, we will help spread special nets and we will pick the fruit together with the groves’ owners if we like.

Then we will visit a traditional olive mill where we will have the opportunity to watch the process of oil production.


Finally, we will taste the fresh oil with kneaded bread and other traditional viands on the spot following the customs.

It is surely one of the best experiences you will gain on the island of Karpathos.

No one who has experienced this has ever forgotten it. It is truly worth a try!



Traditional Cooking

«A healthy mind in a healthy body»

The Mediterranean diet is scientifically proved to be the healthiest way of acquiring wellness and longevity.

cook 1

Karpathos is the source of Mediterranean cuisine. Together we are going to cook its delicious traditional dishes using virgin olive oil, pure honey and biological products from the gardens of Avlona.

During the programmes we will have the opportunity to prepare a delicious, kneaded bread together with the local housewives and light the traditional wood stove to bake it.


We will also make the most widely known traditional dish of Karpathos, the so-called ‘makarounes’ i.e. fresh pasta sprinkled with grated goat cheese and sautéed onion.

We will stuff courgette flowers and grape leaves we will cook goat meat in a casserole and many other traditional dishes.

Finally, we will fry delicious traditional doughnuts (loukoumades) topped with the pure honey of Karpathos!


Hiking in Karpathos island

«The best way to meet a place is to hike»

Hiking in Karpathos island is the most famous outdoor activity. Guided Hiking Tours help you to see the natural environment with safety but also to learn the history of every path of the island.

With more than 30 paths Karpathos invites us to explore and discover it as each one possesses its own unique history, architecture, and biodiversity.

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There are paths, which will lead us to the highest tops of the island (Kali Limni 1215m and Prophet Elias 719m) with a breathtaking view that casts a spell on the senses.

Other paths will lead us to virgin and isolated beaches where we can relax and enjoy the sun and swimming.

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A unique trait of the paths of Karpathos is the alternation of the natural environment because during hiking you can come across three different types of ecosystems.

You will also find a pinewood, a river surrounded by plane trees, a region filled with old terraces revealing the past, as well as natural springs with cool water which take your thirst away and give you the chance to relax!

Paths and Trails of Karpathos island

The path of Crossing Saria Island: One of the most beautiful paths in Karpathos is the one which crosses the island of Saria. The total distance of this path is 7.422 km and it takes around 4 hours hiking. The starting point is Giaplos beach and the end is the beach of Palatia. During the hike, our local guides will explain to you the history of the place and the traditional way of the local life because Saria island was well known for the dairy products such as butter and cheese from goat and sheep milk. 


The path from Avlona to the natural port of Tristomo:  The path which connects Avlona settlement with Tristomo gulf is full of history and breathtaking views! The total distance is 8.646km and it takes 4 hours. Our local guides will show you all the important fro the local places and how the residents could survive in the mountains without any river or spring around. Later, when we arrive in Tristomo, we will have a break in a traditional house where we can enjoy a light launch, coffee or a beer!  

tristomo aulona

The Path to the most important ancient city of Vroukounda: Starting from Avlona, the most important agriculture place, we will follow a path which is more than 2000 years old! The total distance is 4.00 km and it takes 2.5 hours. When we arrive in the place of the ancient city our local guides will tell you in details the history, when and why the city destroyed by the pirates. Moreover, we will have a break in a really nice beach and we enjoy a light lunch under the trees!

If you are a solo hiker and you want tips, advice and  transportation support, don't hesitate to contact our professional team!

Follow Your KarPATHos!!!


Photographing Rare Plants

Lovers of wild flora are offered the opportunity to photograph rare and endemic plant species of Karpathos.

Minas, with his twenty-year experience, will help us spot these plants, explain the way to recognize them and will analyze their properties.

Dianthusfruticosus sspcarpathius  Campanula pinatzii

Muscarimaritimum  Spiranthespiralis


While trekking you will come across some of the rarest plants on the planet, such as:

  • Paeonia clusii ssp. Clusii
  • Silene ammophila ssp. Carpathia
  • Dianthus fruticosus ssp. Carpathius
  • Carlina barnebiana
  • Arum creticum
  • Medicago heyniana
  • Anthemis scopulorum ssp. discoidea
  • Campanula carpathia
  • Campanula pinatzii
  • Ophrys aegaea ssp. Aegaea
  • Ophrys ariadne
  • Ophrys helios
  • Ophrys calypsus
  • Ophrys sitiaca
  • Ophrys israelitica
  • Centaurea raphanina ssp. raphanina
  • Teucrium monbretii
  • Muscari maritimum
  • Crataegus monogyna ssp. aegaeica
  • Allium brachyspathum
  • Allium tardans
  • Allium bourgeaui ssp. Bourgeaui
  • Tetragonolobus platylobus

In any case, we are not allowed to touch, cut or bother the plants.

We really believe that you will remember forever the moments you had observing the plants in these hikes.



Karpathos Island,  especially in the North is an exciting place for birdwatchers!
birdwatching karpathos1
 The protected area of Karpathos island which is a part of the Natura 2000 network, is an important place because many birds stop during their migration from Africa to Europe and back. 
 Depending on the season and the weather, you can normally see Bonelli eagles and long-legged buzzards soaring above the mountains and plateaus. Also larks, wheatears, swallows, ravens, and varieties of swifts. 

birdwatching ecotourism karpathos

 We have kestrels,  peregrines, and the occasional sparrow hawk. In the spring and autumn, many eagles and harriers pass through and also bee-eaters.
In the spring we have hoopoes, herons, orioles, and cuckoos, in the autumn kingfishers and wagtails.
At sea, you will recognize three varieties of gull, including the rare Adouine, shags, and shearwaters.  
For many birdwatchers, the jewel in the crown is our very own Eleanora's falcon.  These come to us every year from Madagascar, traveling up the African coast,  crossing over the mountains, and following the river Nile. Two days from the Egyptian coasts and they are on the cliffs of North Karpathos. 

The English name and the species name eleonorae commemorate Eleanor of Arborea, Queen or Lady-Judge (Juighissa) and national heroine of Sardinia, who in 1392, under the jurisdiction conferred by the Carta de Logu, became the first ruler in history to grant protection to hawk and falcon nests against illegal hunters.

According to, in Greece, the Eleonora's falcon arrives from April on, with the older individuals mating and occupying nesting places, thereby developing loose colonies as early as May. Owing to the low food availability in the nesting areas, however, Eleonora's falcon hunts at large distances from the nest, and only a few of the birds return to the colony at night. Indeed, the area in which the falcons of one colony are active during this specific period is considered to possibly exceed 1000 km2. Thus, and since the islands where the reproductive colonies are located cannot support all the birds with food, Eleonora's falcons can be spotted during the reproductive season on the mainland of Greece as well, even in high mountains far removed from the coasts, Indeed, mature individuals that roam through the mainland of Greece can be confused with other falcon species.
The diet of the Eleonora's falcon until the end of July, when the egg-laying has been completed, consists mainly of big insects, such as butterflies, flying ants, dragonflies, cicadas, and beetles that it catches in the air with its talons, above islands or the sea (Ristow and Wink 1994, Ristow 2001). During the following period and until October, it feeds exclusively on migratory birds, a food source that is,   theoretically, infinite. After its breeding, between the end of October and the beginning of November, it flies to East Africa, especially to Madagascar, where it spends the winter, returning to a diet based on insects.

birdwatching karpathos ecotourism karpathosbirdwatching karpathos 3.

Join our Birdwatching Tour in Karpathos island with our Local Guides and we will be happy to take you to their grounds to see them flying over our heads, listen to their happy screaming, or hunting other small birds!

The sweetest activity on Karpathos island is Beekeeping!

Beekeeping Ecotourism Karpathos 2

Do you want to learn how the bees produce honey? How they live all together in the beehive? How they built the honeycomb?

All the answers will be given by our local Beekeeper who will take us for a visit to the beehives, open one of them, and show us the Queen, the worms, and the drones.


  beekeeping ecotourism karpathos

 If the visit takes place in spring we will see how the bee society is organized and how each team works in a specific field. We will see the queen bee, which is the leader, laying eggs from which comes the population that collects the honey in summer. We will also observe how they pick and store the pollen which is the food of young bees.

If the visit takes place in summer we will experience the collection, process, and storage of honey on the honeycombs.

                   beekeeping ecotourismbeekeeping karpathosBee ecotourism karpathos

In the end, we will later taste the fresh honey we will take from the beehive!!!

All this on one condition: we will be wearing the proper suit to avoid bee stings.

In case someone is allergic to bee stings or think he/she is, he/she is not allowed to take part in such a visit even if he/she is wearing the proper suit.











Make your program


Η μεσογειακή διατροφή είναι και επιστημονικά αποδεδειγμένη η υγιέστερος τρόπος για να αποκτήσουμε ευεξία και μακροζωία.

cook 1

Πηγή της μεσογειακής κουζίνας είναι η Κάρπαθος και μαζί θα μαγειρέψουμε τα υπέροχα παραδοσιακά φαγητά της χρησιμοποιώντας πάντοτε παρθένο ελαιόλαδο, γνήσιο μέλι και βιολογικά προϊόντα από τα ποστάνια της Αυλώνας.

Κατά την διάρκεια των προγραμμάτων θα έχουμε την ευκαιρία να προετοιμάσουμε μαζί με ντόπιες νοικοκυρές το πεντανόστιμο ζυμωτό ψωμί και να ανάψουμε το παραδοσιακό ξυλόφουρνο για να το ψήσουμε.


Επίσης, θα φτιάξουμε το πιο γνωστό Καρπάθικο παραδοσιακό πίατο, τις μακαρούνες οι οποίες είναι φρέσκα ζυμαρικά πασπαλισμένα με τρυμμένο κατσικίσιο τυρί και τσικνωμένο κρεμμύδι.

Θα γεμίσουμε κολοκυθοανθούς και αμπελόφυλλα, θα φτιάξουμε κοκκινιστό κατσικίσιο κρέας και άλλα πολλά παραδοσιακά φαγητά.

Για το τέλος θα τηγανίσουμε τους υπέροχους παραδοσιακούς λουκουμάδες συνοδεύοντας τους με το γνήσιο μέλι της Καρπάθου!


Culinary Tour


Day 1: Arrival in Karpathos island, check in your hotel

cook 1

After settling into your rooms, the remaining hours will be available for a short(15 min) presentation of our Eco-Culinary program.


Later, we will enjoy a light dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 2: Visiting Olympos Village

food3In the morning, at 9:00 am we will visit  the village of Olympos, the cultural capital of South Aegean islands. Our experienced guide will explain us the history  & the unique traditional architecture. We will continue with walking in the around area meeting the regional flora and fauna for first time.


Later, we will start our first Cooking lesson, preparing the most traditional meal “makarounes” which is fresh pasta with caramelized onion and goat cheese and after that we will enjoy our lunch.
In the afternoon, we will return back to Diafani village by bus.

Day 3 : Walking and collecting wild vegetables


After your breakfast, we will start an easy trekking to Avlona region which is the most important agriculture plane in Karpathos island. Our guide will explain you the history and the role of the place from antiquity to nowadays.
During the walking, we will have the chance to see many endemics and rare flora species but also following the guide’s directions, we will collect some wild vegetables in order to prepare another cooking lesson and making three different local dishes only with vegetables!


After the walking you will have some free time and in the afternoon, at 6:00 we start the cooking lesson with the vegetable we collected.

Day 4: Cheese making and tasting local wine


In the morning,  after your breakfast we will visit a local farm to see the goats and taking their milk to produce local white cheese!
Once, we have the milk we will make the cheese and after that we will try different types of cheese, fresh butter with local wine.

Day 5: Bread making

cook 1

Karpathos island is well known for its culture and nature but also for the special bread which we can find only in the north part of the island.
With a local women we will make this special bread in a traditional oven.

Day 6:  Last Day – Departure to the airport

cook 1

We take breakfast; get prepared for departure back to the town of Karpathos and the airport.



Rent a Car with Driver-Guide

Ecotourism Karpathos offers car rental with a driver for your ease.

Our driver/guide will drive you to every destination in Karpathos!

 rent a car karpathos

Your ultimate customized Karpathos Exploration!

It's great to have your hands free while someone experienced is driving - it's a relaxed way of road tripping, and it gives you deeper insights into Karpathos Culture and Wildlife.

Great for those Road trippers that don't fancy driving themselves, and like the company of a guide who can give you deeper insights into Karpathos best places and off beaten Beaches!

Hire a car and go with our guides on a Private - Guided tour with Safety.

 karpathos rent a car

rent a car with driver

You will still have the luxury to enjoy traveling at your own pace and ''Drive Your Own Adventure'', as it is a private "safari"!


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