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The Greek government announced the village of Olympos as the Capital of Culture because of its living tradition. The women still wear their traditional costumes, not as an attraction for the tourists but because they want to keep their traditional way of life alive and it's possible to listen the traditional music while walking in the streets and drink a greek coffee sitting along with the locals.

The Archeologists protect the unique architecture of the village by setting many rules and that's why until now you will able to see old buildings in a good shape, with the same colour and materials for many centuries now. Moreover, the architecture is not the typical Greek, blue and white, in the village there are many houses with a big variety of colors!

I will meet you at the main entrance of the village and together, we will walk through the houses, and as a local, I know an alternative way to show you the architecture and explain to you the rich history of the village.

After 30 minutes of easy walk, we will visit the main church of Olympos village which is dedicated to Virgin Maria. This church is the most important monument on the island because of its history and the valuable gold icons inside.

Moreover, we will discuss all the unwritten rules of the society and how the local life change as time goes by.

After the visit to the church, we will go to the west side of the village to see the numerous windmills & the remainings of the old castle. We visit one which is still working and the owner will explain to us how it works.

Later, we will visit a local wood oven to try some fresh bread, pies, and sweets.

In the end, you will have free time for shopping!

The tour is adjustable to your needs, so feel free to ask me if you have any special requests!


  • Olympos Karpathou, Greece
  • +30 6949935881

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