Rent a Car with Driver-Guide

Ecotourism Karpathos offers car rental with a driver for your ease.

Our driver/guide will drive you to every destination in Karpathos!


 rent a car karpathos

Your ultimate customized Karpathos Exploration!


It's great to have your hands free while someone experienced is driving - it's a relaxed way of road tripping, and it gives you deeper insights into Karpathos Culture and Wildlife.

Great for those Road trippers that don't fancy driving themselves, and like the company of a guide who can give you deeper insights into Karpathos best places and off beaten Beaches!

Hire a car and go with our guides on a Private - Guided tour with Safety.

 karpathos rent a car



rent a car with driver



You will still have the luxury to enjoy traveling at your own pace and ''Drive Your Own Adventure'', as it is a private "safari"!

Feb 12, 2018


  • Olympos Karpathou, Greece
  • +30 6949935881

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