Hiking and Trekking on Karpathos island


«The best way to meet a place is to hike»

Hiking on Karpathos island is the most famous outdoor activity. Guided Hiking Tours help you to see the natural environment with safety but also to learn the history of every path of the island.

With more than 30 paths Karpathos invites us to explore and discover it as each one possesses its own unique history, architecture, and biodiversity.

We offer a wide variety of hiking packages for all ages and difficulty levels. For experienced hikers, we offer the crossing of Karpathos

in 8 days full of adventure, mountains, and unique local flavors!

It is a hiking program that gives you the opportunity to get to know the whole island of Karpathos, every village, and every mountain.

With our local guides, everything is done accurately and safely to ensure your maximum satisfaction! For nature lovers and wild plants,

we offer the 7-day botanical package in the protected area of Karpathos and Saria.

The nature of Karpathos is unique since there are more than

100 endemic plant species many of which are listed on the red list of IUCN. With absolute attention and respect to

the ecosystems of Karpathos, our experienced botanist will show you all the interesting plant and animal species as the only

frog of Karpathos.

For hikers with little experience or for families with young children, we offer specially designed packages with easy but equally beautiful

hiking trails where they can enjoy our nature, culture, and history!

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There are paths, which will lead us to the highest tops of the island (Kali Limni 1215m and Prophet Elias 719m) with a breathtaking view that casts a spell on the senses.

Other paths will lead us to virgin and isolated beaches where we can relax and enjoy the sun and swimming.

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A unique trait of the paths of Karpathos is the alternation of the natural environment because during hiking you can come across three different types of ecosystems.

You will also find a pinewood, a river surrounded by plane trees, a region filled with old terraces revealing the past, as well as natural springs with cool water which take your thirst away and give you the chance to relax!

Paths and Trails of Karpathos island

The path of Crossing Saria Island: One of the most beautiful paths in Karpathos is the one that crosses the island of Saria. The total distance of this path is 7.422 km and it takes around 4 hours hiking. The starting point is Giaplos beach and the end is the beach of Palatia. During the hike, our local guides will explain to you the history of the place and the traditional way of the local life because Saria island was well known for the dairy products such as butter and cheese from goat and sheep milk. 


The path from Avlona to the natural port of Tristomo:  The path which connects Avlona settlement with Tristomo gulf is full of history and breathtaking views! The total distance is 8.646km and it takes 4 hours. Our local guides will show you all the importance of the local places and how the residents could survive in the mountains without any river or spring around. Later, when we arrive in Tristomo, we will have a break in a traditional house where we can enjoy a light launch, coffee, or a beer!  

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The Path to the most important ancient city of Vroukounda: Starting from Avlona, the most important agricultural place, we will follow a path which is more than 2000 years old! The total distance is 4.00 km and it takes 2.5 hours. When we arrive in the place of the ancient city our local guides will tell you in detail the history, when and why the city was destroyed by the pirates. Moreover, we will have a break on a really nice beach and we enjoy a light lunch under the trees!

Hike with our local guides and discover every path in Karpathos while learning their history. The cultural identity of Karpathos is written in both its paths and the traditional way of life of its inhabitants and

having with you one of the experienced members of our team will help you to learn and you how unique our island is!

If you are a solo hiker and you want tips, advice, and transportation support, don't hesitate to contact our professional team!

Follow Your KarPATHos!!!


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