Hiking and Overnight in the Natural Port of Tristomo!


The Natural Port of Tristomo

The landscape during the hikes is spectacular, the alteration of nature, the mountains with the view of the sea are really unique but the highlight of these two days is the Sunset from Tristomo gulf!
Α Breathtaking Sunset which will create an unforgettable experience for all of you!

First Day:

We visit the settlement of Avlona which is one of the most important places in Karpathos island as it is still the main agriculture valley. Your local guide will explain to you in detail the history, the unique architecture, and the old way of life. After the guided walk inside the village, we will start our hiking to the natural port of Tristomo.

The natural port of Tristomo is the core of the Protected Area of Karpathos island. It is the natural habitat of many fishes but also a safe shelter for the migratory birds which stops for a break during Spring and Autumn.

The beauty of the gulf especially in the afternoon and the sunset make it one of the best attractions.

While walking downhill, we will meet the abandoned settlement of Koilios and your local guide explains to you how people survive and collaborate with each other.

Once we arrive at the traditional house, we will have a chance to swim and relax staring at the amazing view of the gulf!

During the night, we will enjoy our dinner under a sky full of stars as there is no electricity there!

Second Day:

In the morning, we will enjoy our breakfast next to the sea and in midday, we will start our hiking back to Diafani village through the " Xyloskala" trail on the east side of the island.

The view after 30 minutes of walking will take your breath away as we will see the east shore of Karpathos from North to South!

When we arrive at Vanada beach, we will have the chance for a swim, refill our bottles with fresh water from the spring under the trees and then continue walking until Diafani village.

At the end of our hiking tour, we will arrive in Diafani village, a beautiful place where we are able to have a coffee, lunch, and a cold beer! For those who want another swimming, the beach is just a few meters away from the restaurants!

When you feel ready, we will arrange transportation to go back to Avlona village in order to take your car back.

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