Welcome to Ecotourism Karpathos!

 "Ecos" in the Greek language (Οίκος) means the home, the land, the community and

Ecotourism is bringing people together and making them feel like locals.

The island of Karpathos, perhaps the only one in Greece, maintains its traditions
and customs to date as well as the important biodiversity of flora and fauna at a very good level and Sustainable tourism is the only way to strike a balance between economic prosperity
and preservation of the natural and social environment of the place.

Since 2016, the purpose of our office has been to create a variety of activities
that will transform a visitor into a guest and allow him to live as a local with absolute respect for society and nature. We invite you to participate in this wonderful journey of acquaintance with the
authentic Karpathos and we will be happy to show you the most beautiful aspects of this blessed island!


Traditional Cooking Class

Guided Tour in
Olympos village

Hiking and Trekking
in the Protected Area



Rent a Car with a Driver - Guide

Botany Walking Tour

Crossing Karpathos on Foot



Culinary Tour

Hiking and Overnight In Tristomo Gulf!

Tristomo bay
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Connect with Nature

Eco-volunteering , Wildlife and
Botanical Tours led by local expert Guides

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Small Group Tours

Personalized Tours for life time Experiences


Value for Money

By Booking directly through a local tour operator, you support the local Economy and spread the Benefits

Why Choose Us


Discover Authentic Karpathos

Join our Eco-activities, meet the locals, walk, cook and live with them and feel like a local

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Restore Nature

Supporting Nature Conservation through Volunteering, Beach cleaning and Donations


Professional Support

Our Guides are always available to ensure the best services for you