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IMG-20220502-WA0002 Evangelia – Marina is a native of Karpathos. She has studied Geography at the University of the Aegean (2006-2010) and then completed one master’s course on the “Environment and Development” at the National Technical University of Athens (2010-2012) and "Travel and Tourism" (2016-2017), and another one on Hospitality and Tourism Management, at Florida Atlantic University (2020). After finishing her studies, taking into consideration the tough financial situation in Greece, she has been faced with the dilemma of moving abroad. Her enormous love for Karpathos prevailed and so she has got the big decision to live permanently on the island. She has decided to start programs of Ecotourism with the aim to transfer the love and respect she feels for her place to the visitors, but also to create the experiences which will help them be integrated into the local community as equal members.
about2Minas was born 60 years ago in Olympos. He is married and the father of three children. He has lived the longest part of his life on the island of Karpathos which is his great love.
This love has made him walk on all the mountains and paths and so he has known every nook and cranny of the island. His knowledge of the biodiversity of the island is unsurpassed. He specializes in recognizing endemic and rare plants. For this reason, he started recording the flora by tracking, photographing, and identifying 945 different plants. This effort has now been completed after twenty years of research and he publishes two books, one is about the Endemic and Rare plants of Karpathos island and the other is about the Orchids of Karpathos.

"I flew a long way from Hong Kong to experience my botanical walking holidays in Karpathos since 3/29 for 5 days.Our flora- guide Minas is tall & strong. He gave me an impression that he knows everything. He is so knowledgeable and trustable.Evangelia is a young educated sweet & tough lady who loves her family and island very much. She gave up her opportunities and to stay in this isolated island. She puts a lot of effort to work with their people to protect the island & the sea not to be polluted. She's working hard to introduce Karpathos to more people. Her passion inspired me." Phyllis Lee, Hong Kong