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The Natural Port of Tristomo is the core of the Protected Area in Karpathos Island with the highest degree of protection due to the fragile ecosystem of flora and fauna. There is also the only wetland on the island, where many species of migratory birds find a refuge in the spring and autumn. The gulf of Tristomo is also a refuge and breeding ground for fish and shellfish.


The construction of a road will DESTROY and DISTURB the balance of the ENVIRONMENT without offering anything positive to the protected area. The results of this road will be IRREVERSIBLE and we will LOSE FOREVER the only pristine area of our island.

Support our effort and together let's say NO to the road and the destruction. Sign and help us to SAVE TRISTOMO!


Karpathos island is located in South Aegean and belongs to Dodecanese islands. The are two ways to travel to Karpathos, the firtdt is by plane from 
Athens which is a 45 minutes flight, or from Rhodes island which is 20 minutes flight. If you prefer a ferry, there is from Pireaus two days per week but it takes aroud 22 hours! The advantage of the ferry is the connection with Santorini, Crete, Kasos, Halki and Rhodes so if you want to spend some days in Karpathos island and some days in another place, this is the best solution. 

Karpathos, is not so well known island like Santorini or Crete but still every July and Augoust is pretty full of tourists. So, if you like a non touristic and quite island its prefferable to visit Karpathos in September, October or in May or July.

In case, you love outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking then the best season is April to May and September to November when nature is beautiful full of flowers, specially in Spring time.


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Especially during the summer months, from late June to late September we have the local winds, Meltemia.

But also the speed of studies is not constant. It changes from hour to hour even at the same place.

The Meltemi starts blowing in the morning and becomes louder reaching the highest speed at noon, between one and three.

Then he starts to fall and the evening calms. The meltemia blow with great force in the open sea. Their strength declines

as they approach the coasts and the interior. In the Aegean Sea, winds are usually strong or strong and reach the extent of the storm.

Because they are sterile winds, they are also relatively dry, thus increasing the summer drought in Greece.

And because they are winds north, they are also cool, and as a result, they reduce the great temperatures of summer.

In the Aegean Sea, winds are usually strong or strong and reach the extent of the storm.

Because they are sterile winds, they are also relatively dry, thus increasing the summer drought in Greece. And because they are

winds north, they are also cool, and as a result, they reduce the great temperatures of summer.

Many are asking us if there are areas in the Karpathos without air. Yes, there are areas in Karpathos without strong air.

These areas are Ammopi, Lefkos, and the village of Diafani. For those who want to know the weather conditions

in advance, it is advisable to trust weather forecasts for Karpathos for up to three to four days as

the weather in Karpathos changes very quickly!

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Another great achievement for our office! we have been declared the best ecotourism office in the south aegean region!!

We want to thank all of you who support us, who choose your holidays and activities in karpathos with us!

it's a huge recognition not only as a business but as a philosophy of alternative tourism!

We believe that the future of Karpathos is eco-tourism and activities that bring visitors close to our society.

we will always be here to offer our best to all of you who want to know the true karpathos!

This award is dedicated to all of you who with your love and dedication have brought you here!

Thank you very much and continue strong for our beautiful island, Karpathos!!!


Team of Ecotourism!

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Τhere are two ways to get to Karpathos. one is by plane from Athens with a flight duration of 45-50 minutes, or from Rhodes with a flight

duration of 20 minutes. From May to September there are many direct flights from various European countries such as Italy, Belgium,

the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Israel, etc.

If someone loves the sea, he can take the ship from Piraeus and in about 25-28 hours reach the ports of Karpathos.

The ferry stops on other islands such as Milos, Santorini, Crete, Anafi, and Kasos. There is also a ship from Rhodes to Karpathos

that lasts about 4-5 hours.

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National Geographic Karpathos

                                                                     A Dream came true!!

After 7 years of hard work keeping the quality of our activities as high as possible while respecting our history and tradition, we are featured in the world's largest Travel Magazine @natgeotravel !!

Since the beginning of our effort, we have had and have a fixed purpose: to highlight the real beauty of Karpathos that lies within its people,

its nature, and its flavors! With this aim, we created one of our activities in Karpathos so that every visitor can come in direct contact with

the real Karpathos.

The hiking in Karpathos can be perfectly combined with a beach and beach cleaning as people have the obligation to

keep the environment of Karpathos clean.

The traditional cooking lessons bring us closer to the local producers and we have the opportunity

to taste products that are not easy to buy in stores. All these experiences we had the opportunity to share with the

photographers and the reporter of the largest travel magazine National Geographic, who wrote an amazing article about Karpathos

and us as an alternative tourism agency!

We work hard to maintain our authenticity and quality of service! We thank all those who have supported us in this effort so far to

highlight the Real Karpathos!


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As soon as we arrived in the natural port of Tristomo gulf, during our new hiking eco- activity - , we saw on the plastics a young #turtle that was trapped and full of plastic ribbons.
At first, we thought she was dead but when we touched her she moved and we realized she was still alive! We took her to our house where we cut off all the plastic ribbons that had stuck in her front flippers and head. The process was not very easy as it had swallowed some. When we finished, we released it back to the sea where it swam again happy!
She was lucky that we arrived that day at the Tristomo and found her or she would have died. Always during our eco-activity we try to collect plastic from the Karpathos's beaches because as people we feel that in this way we contribute to the preservation of the #environment even a little in this Protected area.
Come with us, walk, enjoy the sunset and clean the bay of #plastics. All together We can change this situation and see our favorite natural port clean Forever!!
Watch the full video:

Many of our guests and people who love traveling out of season, ask me very often "How is the winter on Karpathos island?"


Winter is a distinct time when the landscape and nature are so different from summer. Local residents are dwindling in villages,

and tourist resorts such as Ammopi, Lefkos, and Foiniki are nearly uninhabited. Nevertheless, the winter in Karpathos is a beautiful time for those

who want to know the nature of Karpathos and hike in its mountains that begin to change color from the yellow of summer

to a gentle green of the first vegetation.

Walking in Karpathos in winter, when the weather allows it is a fantastic activity but also when the weather is not so good

we can engage in other activities such as traditional cooking! There's nothing better when it rains when we cook delicious traditional dishes and

the older ones tell us stories of their past in front of the fire drinking a glass of wine or raki!

Also, winter is an ideal time for hiking overnight in the natural harbor of Tristomos!

There, where there is neither electricity nor signal on the mobile is the ideal place for total relaxation away from

the responsibilities of everyday life.


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