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 For Nature Lovers, for endemic and rare flora species “Hunters”  but also for everyone who wants to experience, observe, and photograph something very fresh and different. A botanical week in the Protected Area of Regional Marine Park of Northern Karpathos Saria and Astakidonision will be a life-altering experience!

We are inviting you to discover and explore this beautiful place with us because no one else knows its secrets better than we do! We will meet the Pelophylax Cerigensis, the rarest little frog in Greece, which has been recorded in the Red list of  IUCN. We will also see the Lycias Salamander Helverseri –an endemic species- and we will hear the proud scream of the Falco Eleonorae, a migrating falcon that takes shelter the majority of the year on these Islands.  Karpathos and Saria Islands are affiliated with the “NATURA 2000” Network (code: GR4210003) with more than 100 endemic and rare species of flora and fauna. They are one of the best destinations for everybody who perceives the meaning of a holiday in a different – alternative way. The following tour – program combines beautiful graphic trekking routes with observations of nature, flora, and fauna. Each path in the Protected Area has a unique ecosystem and the wide variety of plants will surprise you! Tour Program: Day 1: We depart from Diafani village by foot with destination to Avlona, a rural settlement on a high plateau that is the main supplier of farm products and a paradise of endemic plants. We will see many different species such as: Isatis  lusitanica , Leontice  leontopetalum ,Linum  arboretum, ophrys ariadne, Rubia tinctoria , Gagea  graeca , etc.  In the afternoon, we will return through a trail which is crossing a small river and ending up at Vananda beach near to Diafani village. Overnight – Dinner: Diafani village   Day 2: Start trekking from Diafani to Olympos through a path of 7 kilometers and a mixed environment with springs, small rivers agriculture and pine trees! We will meet the Astragalus  austro – aegaeus ,  Anagalis  arvensis ssp.  Rutila , Verbena  officinalis , Gladiolus   italicuS , Centaurea  raphanina  ssp. raphanina, Rapistrum  rugosum,   and more! Arriving in Olympos village – the most interesting village in Karpathos we start a guided tour inside the village to meet locals, see the unique architecture, and learn the history of the place. After that, we will walk next to a small river to gather wild vegetables, using them in our cooking lesson!  Day 3: Start trekking from Diafani to Agios Kostantinos region, through a beautiful path in which we can find the Ophrys  Ηeldreichi , Medicago  tuberculata ,  Arbutus  unedo , Cistus  incanus ssp. incanus ,Lithodora  hispidula , Vitex  agnus – castus , etc. In the afternoon, we will walk back to Diafani through a path from the other side with marvelous views of mountains and the coastline.!  Day 4: Start trekking from Anakima region to Forokli beach. During the downhill, we will cross a small river which created a unique ecosystem with rich biodiversity, big trees, small bushes and Anacamptis  pyramidalis , Cytinus  hypocistis , Crepis  cretica , Helichrysum  barrelieri,  Stachys   mucronata ,  Picris   altissima , etc. Day 5: In the morning, we will be transferred to Spoa village and after a brief talk on the history of the village, we will trek to Mesochori and Lefkos beach. On the beach, we will observe the endemic and very rare plants such as Silene  ammophila ,  Muscari  maritimum, Μedicago  marina , Campanula  pinatsii , Salsola  aegaea,  Echium   arenarium , etc. In the afternoon, we will go to the Lastos region where we continue the exploration and later we will have our dinner in the local tavern and overnight in a traditional house. Day 6: We will explore one of the most important places on Karpathos Island. Mountain Lastos and Kali Limni belong to the Natura 2000 network and are under protection because of their special biodiversity.  Seventh Day:  After breakfast, we transfer you to the Airport for your return flight.
  • Tour Duration: 7 Days
  • Group Size: Small groups (max 12 persons)
  • Season: March – November
  • Airfare Included: No
  • Tour Customizable: Yes
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