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Crossing Karpathos island on Foot!

Traversing Karpathos is a long distance, starting from the south part of the island and ending at the northern edge of the island of Saria.

We will walk 85 km in total with alternations in the fields and the natural environment and come across virgin beaches, high mountains, and beautiful trails.

We will visit 9 different villages, each with its tradition, architecture, and history and we will taste their delicious traditional recipes to fill up with energy to go on!

We will conquer the highest top of Karpathos (1215m) which offers us a breathtaking view, and, finally, we will reach the village of Olympos, the center of civilization in Karpathos.

A program, a life-altering experience!


1st Day: Airport- Pigadia (capital of Karpathos)

Your guide will meet you at the airport to transfer you to your hotel in Pigadia -the capital of Karpathos-. After settling into your rooms, the remaining hours will be available for taking a first stroll, learning the history observing the architecture of the town, and visiting the historical museum.


2nd Day: In the morning, we will be transferred to Menetes village and we will start our first trekking to Othos village and back to Pigadia on foot. During the hike, going to the north, we will able to stare the region of Pigadia and we will meet Aperi and Vollada villages.


Our guide will explain the history and the development of each one through time. Once we arrive, we will visit the cultural museum of Othos village and after relaxing we will return to our hotel in Pigadia. Free time, dinner, and overnight stay in Pigadia.


3rd Day: On this day hike we will conquer the highest peak of Karpathos, mountain Kali Limni (1215 m)!

The view from the top is absolutely marvelous and if the weather is good we can see other islands such as Kasos, Rhodes, and Crete!

After the hiking we will return by bus to Pigadia to relax!


4th Day:  After breakfast, we will be transferred to Kali Limni mountain and we will continue the hike to Spoa village. The highlight of this trail is the alternation of the natural environment because during the hiking we can come across three different types of ecosystems.

We will find a pinewood, a region filled with old terraces revealing the past, as well as natural springs with cool water that take your thirst away and give you the chance to relax.


5th Day:  Discover the Protected Area of North Karpathos!

 On this day, will start our hike from Spoa village to Olympos village –the capital of tradition and culture-. During the hike, we will enter to Protected Area (Natura 2000) and our guide will explain everything about the flora and fauna! The protected area of Karpathos includes 52.1 km2 of sea and about 102 km2 of land. The area of eco-develοpment in Karpathos includes the area named “North Karpathos and Saria and coastal sea zone” covering in total of 113km2 and belongs to the network of protected areas “NATURA 2000”, coded GR4210003 which is characterized as Special Protection Area (SPA, in application of the directive 79/409/EE) and as Site of Community Importance (SCI, in application of the directive 92/43/EE).

The rich flora includes more than 940 species of plants, 87 of which are endemic, rare, or under threat of extinction.


6th Day:  In the morning, we will have a guided tour through the history of Olympos village and its numerous windmills and our guide will help us to discover the secrets of this primeval community. Here, we meet craftsmen making traditional leather boots, fit either for labor or dancing and others who make musical instruments for feasts and festivals. Don’t be surprised if you happen to come across women wearing their traditional dress and baking bread in ovens alongside the narrow paths of the village.

 Later, we will depart from Avlona to Vroukounta bay. There, we are going to have a guided tour around the ruins of fortifications and the burial chambers and learn the history of this ancient Doric city (1st millennium b.C.). As soon as, we feel hungry we have a picnic in the shade and then we set out for our next stop, at the Avlona village.


7th  Day: We depart from Diafani by boat to Saria Island north of Karpathos and the bay named “Giaplos”.

The tour starts with crossing the island of Saria from south to north ending up with a guided visit to the abandoned but well-preserved rural settlement of Argos. Our way back to the Palatia beach passes through the medieval pirate hamlet spread around the cove. After a brief interval, we will swim on the crystal clear seabed of Saria Island, using only simple snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, pair of flippers).

Around 6:00 pm we will have returned by boat to Diafani and we will have dinner in a local restaurant.


 8th Day:

Departure from Diafani to the airport. We will quickly pass by the rest of the villages of Karpathos.


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