Day 1: Arrival on Karpathos island, and check in at your hotel.

After settling into your rooms, the remaining hours will be available for a short(15 min) presentation of our Eco-Culinary program.

Later, we will enjoy a light dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 2: Visiting Olympos Village

In the morning, at 9:00 am we will visit the village of Olympos, the cultural capital of the South Aegean islands. Our experienced guide will explain to us the history  & the unique traditional architecture. We will continue walking the around area meeting the regional flora and fauna for the first time.

Later, we will start our first Cooking lesson, preparing the most traditional meal “makarounes” which is fresh pasta with caramelized onion and goat cheese and after that, we will enjoy our lunch.

In the afternoon, we will return to Diafani village by bus.

Day 3: Walking and collecting wild vegetables

After your breakfast, we will start an easy trek to Avlona region which is the most important agriculture plane in Karpathos island. Our guide will explain to you the history and the role of the place from antiquity to nowadays.

During the walk, we will have the chance to see many endemics and rare flora species but also following the guide’s directions, we will collect some wild vegetables to prepare another cooking lesson and make three different local dishes only with vegetables!

After the walk, you will have some free time and in the afternoon, at 6:00 we start the cooking lesson with the vegetables we collected.

Day 4: Cheesemaking and tasting local wine.

In the morning,  after your breakfast, we will visit a local farm to see the goats and take their milk to produce local white cheese!

Once, we have the milk we will make the cheese and after that, we will try different types of cheese, fresh butter with local wine.

Day 5: Bread making

Karpathos island is well known for its culture and nature but also for the special bread which we can find only in the northern part of the island.

With a local woman, we will make this special bread in a traditional oven.

Day 6:  Last Day – Departure to the airport

 We have breakfast; and get prepared for departure back to the town of Karpathos and the airport.



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